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Gary Vaynerchuck put a shout out on Twitter yesterday about a new iPhone game he had been collaborating on, asking if there was anyone who could review it and write about it.

Ever obliging I volunteered the TechBurgh blog and my iPhone.

Here’s what I think about the Binary Game

Knowing less than nothing about Binary I was a little hesitant about what to expect and how well I’d play the game.
It turns out that the game has little to do with binary and more to do with quick thinking and math.

It’s remarkably simple and I’m already kicking myself for not thinking it up.

You’re presented with different modes of play. Challenge mode, speed mode, practice mode. That’s all fairly self explanatory.

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The game itself consists of 8 on/off buttons, a goal and your current number.

The idea is that you turn the buttons on or off to make the numbers they’re labeled with add up to the goal number.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds. It’s really, really addictive too!

You’re timed and have to finish the necessary additions to progress on to higher levels.

Scores can be kept online too to challenge other players.  Looking at the web site it looks like there are people on there who have been playing a whole lot more than I have.

The game costs $1.99 and I believe it well worth it.
The game isn’t overly complicated. It’s nice to have a quick play and get the old brain warmed up.

Search the app store for binary game

Check out the official site here

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