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BALLSTON SPA, N.Y., Feb. 18, 2009 — ReQuest, pioneers and
industry leaders in the realm of music server and
whole-house media technology, is releasing new free firmware
for the Intelligent Media Client (IMC), giving users the
ability to stream hundreds of hours of television shows and
movies from ReQuest is currently the only
high-performance media server manufacturer in the CEDIA
Channel to include this feature built-in.

Hulu is a free, online, streaming video service that
delivers both new television series as well as some
nostalgic dramas and sitcoms plus a growing library of
classic and contemporary movies, as well as hours of
“webisodes” and other bonus programming.Hulu control will be familiar to current users of the IMC.
ReQuest has worked to make the interface blend seamlessly
with the other familiar features of the system. Watching
video content, searching for favorite titles, and even
subscribing to favorite series are all intuitive processes
in an easy-to-navigate menu system. “With a quick click of
the remote, users can add their favorite shows to the ‘My
Shows’ menu, and as new episodes come online, they are
automatically added into the system,” ReQuest CEO Peter
Cholnoky explains. “We do all the tagging and creation of
RSS feeds transparently, so the users never have to go to
their computer to select shows. All control takes place
right in the IMC.”

Popular Hulu features such as “Most Recent” and “Highest
Rated” videos are also available in the IMC interface.

The Intelligent Media Client is a convenient, elegantly
scalable network device that harnesses the power of ReQuest
iQ and F.Series systems to deliver an ever-expanding array
of multiroom entertainment options. Intuitive IR control
brings DVD movies, music, photos, online streaming content,
and informational widgets to the biggest TVs in the house.
With the recent introduction of NAS (Network Attached
Storage) support to ReQuest servers, customers can easily
grow their libraries of music and movies using inexpensive
NAS products.

Hulu is included on all new ReQuest IMC shipments. Firmware
updates are available to existing customers at no charge.
This is only the first of many compelling IMC enhancements
planned for 2009.

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