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01 TOKYO, JAPAN, February 26, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ — Appliya Inc., a leading publisher of Japanese mobile applications, has just launched the Evangelion Clock and Evangelion Picture Stamp, the first available iPhone applications based on the popular Rebuild of Evangelion films produced by Khara Inc. The applications are now available worldwide in the iTunes Application Store. Learn more at 

The Evangelion Clock makes checking the time an exciting event! This app is designed to fit the unique style of the computer screens at the headquarters of NERV–the special organization in the Evangelion storyline that is tasked with saving Earth. The app includes graphics that are faithful to the movies, optional sound effects, and there’s also an exciting timer setting that switches to “emergency” red countdown mode with ten seconds left. Learn more at 

Appliya’s new Evangelion Picture Stamp application allows anime fans to integrate the Evangelion anime movies into their photos. Find out what your classmate might look like with Rei‘s signature blue hairstyle, or add NERV military vehicles over that picture of an aircraft carrier you just took. The Picture Stamp app allows you to make any picture more interesting with the inclusion of vehicles, character elements, and mecha from the newest Evangelion films. 
Learn more at 

These apps are the result of a joint production effort between Appliya and anime merchandise company BROCCOLI Co., Ltd, and they represent the first entries in a series of upcoming anime-related iPhone products from Appliya.

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