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TUSTIN, Calif., Feb. 25, 2009 — Apple had no idea when it
launched its iPhone that it would be releasing about 5
million mobile credit card terminals into the hands of
business owners. That’s exactly what Apple did. The sleek
phone has been turned into a mobile credit card processing
device, thanks to an impressive little application called

The software is made for an Apple iPhone or iPod Touch and
works over any available network connection. Transactions
can be processed at places such as conventions, street
fairs, antique shows, and by business owners performing
mobile detailing, on-site consultation or construction. The
list is endless on who could benefit by offering the
convenience of accepting credit cards on the spot and the
confidence of getting immediate authorization for a credit
card payment.

The software performs captures, authorizations, voids and
credits. It utilizes multiple database tables for recording
transactions and repeating sale information, such as order,
shipping, and customer info. There is also an option to add
a gratuity to the final charge.

“Since the announcement of ProcessAway last month, there has
been a tremendous amount of interest for versions that
operate with other gateways,” states Randy Palermo, Member
of Rapadev, LLC, the developer of the software. “We are
currently expanding the line to accommodate these requests.”
The current version of ProcessAway works only with the gateway. “We realize there is a large number
of gateways and resellers that can benefit by offering
iPhone credit card processing. We hope ProcessAway can
fulfill this need, and welcome contact from interested
parties wanting to adapt the software for specific
gateways.” Currently under development are versions for NMI,
PayLeap, and Chase Paymentech, along with privately branded
version for specific resellers.

ProcessAway for is available in Apple AppStore
for $19.99. Additional information, video, screenshots, and
FAQ’s can be found at

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