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SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif., March 2, 2009 — Proxure, Inc.
today announced the availability of its new MCE Tunes
product family allowing complete iTunes libraries, including
purchased music and video content, to be played within
Microsoft’s popular Windows Media Center interface. MCE
Tunes utilizes a specially designed plug-in and application
that allows iTunes music and video content to be
synchronized and played within the Windows Media Center UI
and Windows Media Player. In addition, MCE Tunes can stream
iTunes music to Microsoft Xbox gaming consoles or other
Media Center Extender devices.

Users simply install MCE Tunes and with a few mouse clicks
synchronize the iTunes library to be used within Media
Center. No more fumbling with the keyboard or mouse and
switching between iTunes and Media Center: Simply grab your
remote control and immediately begin enjoying your iTunes
content from within the Media Center interface. Users can
also easily configure their Xbox to stream the iTunes music
content from within the Media Center right to the console.
MCE Tunes at a glance:

— Play iTunes libraries, including purchased audio/video
  content from within the Windows Media Center interface;
  music played natively in Media Player music area, video
  is played via a special MCE Tunes Video Player
— Play iTunes music libraries, including purchased music
  on Microsoft Xbox game consoles or other Media Extender
— iTunes playlists automatically re-created in Windows
  Media Player (including compilation albums)
— Automatic nightly sync of iTunes library changes (new
  content, new playlists, etc)
— All file meta data is carried over to Windows Media
— iTunes track ratings are carried over to Windows Media
— Album artwork (if present) is carried over to Windows
  Media Player
— Unlimited number of tracks

Note: iTunes must be installed and content must be
authorized on the PC for playback.

Price & Availability

MCE Tunes is available for immediate sale and download and
retails for $29.99. There is a limited use trial version
available that limits playback to 20 tracks and does not
include video playback support.

For more information, to download the trial version or to
purchase MCE Tunes, please visit 

About Proxure

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in San Luis Obispo, CA,
Proxure, Inc. specializes in developing revolutionary new
technologies for information storage, backup, and
synchronization. With over 50 years of collective experience
in data storage technology from companies including Veritas,
Roxio, and Sonic Solutions, the Proxure development team has
released intriguing products including KeepSync(TM)
(patent-pending), KeepVault(TM), and filmaroo(TM)

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