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SAN FRANCISCO, March 2, 2009 — Simultravel GPS won the
iPhone Top 10 Excellence Award in the travel category for
2008 presented by iPhone Footprint, a leading iPhone
information resource. Simultravel GPS is the first iPhone
worldwide hotel-reservation application with interactive
maps that saves people money by finding the best hotel rate
while traveling.

The new Simultravel GPS iPhone application locates hotels
within the desired area, displays pricing information, and
enables instant conversation with a live travel agent at the
tap of a screen. Available for just 99 cents through Apple’s
iTunes App Store as well as a free lite version, Simultravel
GPS is perhaps one of the most innovative travel tools yet.
It is designed specifically to support Apple’s 15 million
iPhone and iTouch iPod customers.
“There’s perhaps nothing more frustrating for tired
travelers than driving from hotel to hotel in search of
availability to find the right room at the best price,” says
David Saitta, President of Simultravel Inc. “The Simultravel
GPS iPhone application is ideal for business travelers, or
anyone who is planning a trip and in need of a hotel. With
access to low rates from over 38,000 hotels across the
world, users can more effectively compare value to get the
better deal at the best hotel.”

One of the most notable benefits of Simultravel GPS is that
it enables iPhone owners to discover the best night’s stay
for a person’s travel budget. If someone has booked a room
at one place and isn’t satisfied, a quick look at the GPS
map reveals other choices and rates in that area.

Simultravel GPS is simple to use, and is perfect for
business travel, vacations, weekend getaways, international
travel, as well as airport overnight layovers. Many hotels
offer last-minute booking deals, and Simultravel GPS
provides real-time communication of those special rates by
using the hotel rates from the Priceline Partner Network.
It’s a great way for iPhone users to plan travel while they

For more information and to see a video demonstration, visit

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