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HOUSTON, March 4, 2009 — click2try(TM)
), a catalog of virtualized Open
Source software, offers an extended evaluation subscription
that lets IT administrators review hosted applications for
up to 30 days. The click2try(TM) site leverages leading-edge
Open Source technologies to help IT and business users
evaluate and use Open Source software in a secure, on-demand

With current packaged software and server maintenance costs
ranging anywhere from $3000 to $5000 per employee each year,
IT departments have begun to take a serious look at
cost-containment strategies. The click2try(TM) virtualized
applications can cut software and maintenance costs anywhere
from 20% to 50% per employee on an annual subscription
basis. The broad selection of resources, on-demand access,
and a community forum help offload routine, time-intensive
tasks from IT staff in small and medium-sized businesses.
The 30-day extended evaluation gives IT staff time to
evaluate and consult with business users before deploying a
“Companies are finding click2try(TM) to be a smart choice
for several reasons,” says Mario Grech, CEO. “Given the
current economic situation, one reason is cost containment.
Another is the opportunity for innovation that our
virtualized technologies provide. The click2try(TM) solution
frees IT staff to focus on high-value projects. And, we
believe our approach will contribute to corporate
energy-efficiency initiatives.”

click2try(TM) provides on-demand access to more than three
dozen Open Source applications, including: Joomla!, Drupal,
OpenOffice, dotProject, Redmine, WordPress, OrangeHRM,
SugarCRM, Eclipse, Ubuntu, CentOS, Trac/Subversion,
Bugzilla, Mantis, Moodle, and many others. The click2try(TM)
catalog offers a range of applications to cover business,
development, and IT functionality. Members of any of the
flexible paid subscription plans have access to multiple
applications concurrently, and can take advantage of
click2try(TM) application persistence and offsite storage.
click2try(TM) continues to create virtual appliances of
dozens of other Open Source applications, which will be
added to the software catalog as they are completed and
tested. To be selected for the click2try(TM) catalog,
applications undergo a rigorous evaluation process,
described on the site.  Tom Callaghan, VP Technical
Operations of click2try(TM), adds, “We want to make sure
that our customers feel secure about their commitment to
each software application they use. Coming from a background
in IT management and consulting, we’re sensitive to the
viability issue.”  click2try(TM) virtual appliances contain
one or more Open Source applications, and run directly from
a desktop browser, from the website.
click2try(TM) installs no client software on a customer’s
machine, so users can feel safe that their desktop
environment and data are secure.



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