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Nowadays it seems there is no need to take a language course in Germany to study German: almost everything is available through the Internet. Everybody will soon stay at home while studying a foreign language.

Nevertheless: as anybody who has learnt a foreign language will tell you, it is obvious that an internet course can’t ever replace the language experience gained in the “mother-tongue” country.

They are many website that offers free German lesson plans, and free guidelines and tips on language exchange, all designed by experts in language exchange learning. Those allows you to learn German by getting you a German-speaking language exchange partner, to practice writing emails with pen pals in German, written German conversation with text chat, and spoken German using voice chat.

The main emphasis with those sites is to learn real German slang, expressions, etc, used by ordinary native speakers, getting used to the manner in which real native speakers speak in casual German conversation, and finding a friend from the German-speaking culture. If need, you can check out rocket languages german reviews

In the following we have listed some online learning programs which might be interesting for you:

  • Annik Rubens’ podcast “Slow German” revolves around German topics from beergarden to oktoberfest to politics. The episodes are 5 to 7 minutes long and accompanied by written transcripts on the webpage.
  • The Deutsche Welle (DW) offers German courses for beginners levels and intermediate levels and also for Business German. Moreover there are “sticking points” tips. An additional text book and audio files can be downloaded for free.

In addition a multimedia-supported course can be found under redaktion-D keyword, which prepares you for the A1 and A2 levels certificates.

  • Online exercises for German as a foreign language: Grammar, vocabulary, regional studies, quiz… are offered by
  • BBC offers below “Make German Your Business” site offers audio clips from the tv programme, tips about learning German language and cultural notes.

  • The courses available are getting ever more attractive through constantly improved technology, particularly for the basic steps in A1-B1. In future, texts, audio and video will be better combined to make learning process motivating more fun. But if you “really” want to learn and practice the language, then you can go for lingo basics german reviews

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