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There are several sites coming up everyday, which promises you to learn how to make money? But when you seriously end up going there, you find nothing but thousands and hundreds of bills which you need to pay for a couple of years. Unfortunately most of these sites are a bunch of bunk and all you are going to receive is a headache. Do you wanna know more on domain name tips

Sadly as with everything else in life, there are always going to be dishonest programs and dishonest people, your job is to try and figure out which ones are crap and which ones aren’t. One of the simplest ways to find out if ANY site is a scam or not is to do a quick visit to Google, if you spell out the phrase in question along
With the word review at the end of the phrase you can easily find out if a site is or isn’t a scam.

After configuring your site you will then see that there are ads magically placed on your site! These ads come from advertisers that have bought phrases, terms or keywords through sites like Google and Yahoo, these sites then place a sort of feed on your domain, which then allows the advertisements to show up. Pretty cool technology when you think about it! So how exactly do you the owner of this domain make money? Well first and foremost I think it’s important to mention the fact that you should NOT be doing searches and clicks on your own domain, this will only get you one thing, and that is banned from the site!

However, if you would like to send visitors from places other than your home such as family, friends, or even complete strangers, they will be allowed to do search and or “clicks” on your site. When the person visits your site they will be presented with two options; they can either do a search in the search box or they can click a keyword on the site. Both of these processes will end in results showing up on the site, after they see the results they must click a result in order for you to get paid!

Depending on what site you join, how much the revenue share program is worth, and a whole truckload of other semantics you will end up with different values for which each click or search is worth. Sometimes it might be worth 15cents and other times you might get lucky and someone might do a search for something that the advertiser put a really high bid on, say $2.50. No two programs are the same, and no two will make you the same amount of money.

They are all different in their own rights, and honestly I like it this way! This is a good chance for you to figure out which sites are good and which are better, which pay less and which pay more. Side tip; if you are not making money at one site, tweak it a little bit, change your keywords or your theme even for that matter, if all else fails, switch sites and move on! Time is money! Lets started with best domain parking

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