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When you read Portal Feeder reviews over the next few weeks be sure to be wary with those that paint a bright picture without some hard and fast facts.

What facts are we talking about? Well, I like to read into any product reviews exactly who the service is suited too. Too many times, people join a membership caught up in all the hype leading up to it and suddenly discover it’s not what they wanted.

Call it good marketing; call it whatever you like, there is a responsibility by affiliates to shown some commonsense when promoting any product. When it’s hyped to the point like it’s the “greatest thing since sliced bread” they are usually shooting themselves in the foot.


Well, there are usually guarantees attached to any membership sign up and people can and will ask for refunds within the guarantee period meaning no commission for the affiliate. What a great waste of time for everyone concerned. All that promotional work “down the drain” because they didn’t have the guts to tell it like it is.

In this review of PortalFeeder I am going to get straight to the point and tell you who it’s for and who it is not for.

Portal Feeder Membership Review

Firstly, let’s look at what PortalFeeder is not:

  • It’s not a get rich quick system where you’ll be on easy street within weeks.
  • It’s not for “lazy” internet marketers with little work ethic and looking for a big red easy button.
  • It’s not a “fly by night” membership which is here today and gone tomorrow. PortalFeeder has been training internet marketers on how to build an online business since 2005.
  • PortalFeeder is not just a piece of software or just a community forum or just a newsletter.
  • PortalFeeder is not easy to get into.

PortalFeeder Reviews – What Is It??

  • PortalFeeder is a long term business building environment.
  • It is for serious business builders only and for people with a serious work ethic and realistic expectations.
  • PortalFeeder is a collection of tools, community forum, training environment with real mentors, on top of the latest tips and strategies and a powerful support base.

  • PortalFeeder is the complete internet marketing membership covering training on PPC, SEO, article marketing, social marketing, site building and forum.

  • You will only succeed with a Portal Feeder Membership if you have all of the following qualities:

    • a willingness to be taught
    • working to a plan
    • learning to focus and
    • ditching the get rick quick mindset
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