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Digital Image Stabilization

Nearly every modern digital camcorder will come with some form of stabilisation. Most consumer digital camcorders use electronic image stabilization. The higher priced ones will use what’s called optical image stabilization.

When you are purchasing a digital camcorder the easiest way to check stabilization is to record while zooming in and out. Shaky hands will be magnified drastically if the camcorder stabilization is poor.

If you are really serious about image stabilization you should buy a tripod. The key things to look out for when you are buying a tripod is the size of the camcorder you will be using and what you will be videoing.

The optical zoom is important not the digital zoom

Optical zoom comes from the lens of your camcorder moving in an out. Optical zoom controls the camcorders ability to magnify an image. It does not take away from the quality of the final recording and gives you great close up shots

Digital zoom is the camcorders ability to magnify pixels. Digital zoom has no real real advantage because you can do it afterwards on computer editing software anyway.
If zoom shots are important to you spend your money on getting a camcorder with good optical zoom.

Mega Pixels are not important for digital camcorders

Digital video is not as dependant on megapixels as camcorder manufacturers would like to have you believe. Measuring megapixels is more important for digital cameras and still images than for camcorders. If you are only using your digital camcorder to record video than look for things like optical zoom, stabilisation etc.

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