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With the skyrocketing costs of electricity these days, many people are looking for ways to save on their utility bills. Solar and wind energy seems like a viable option, but the preliminary costs can be overwhelming.

One solution that’s becoming more trendy is to make it yourself. There are many books that claim to teach you how to do this, but how good are they?

Earth4Energy is one of the more popular DIY residential solar power and wind power books available and as it turns out, with good reason.

Earth4Energy promises to teach you how to make your own wind generator or solar panel for under $200 and does precisely that. But we believe the best part to be the instructional videos. Everything is easier when you truly see someone do it.

It also contains a few of what they call “free chapters” that teach you how to reduce your oil dependency and how to use ethanol as a viable energy source.

There is one concern you need to be aware of, though. While it’s feasible to create a wind generator or solar panel for under $200, this isn’t going to replace your utility bill. It will take much more than one solar panel or wind generator to make a significant impact on your utility bill.

What we didn’t like: Earth4Energy gives you everything it promises, but little else. There are no bonuses and modest insight beyond the obvious. But if all you desire is to create your own wind generator or solar panels, you can’t go wrong. And as we stated earlier, the instructional videos make it very easy.

If nothing else, if you like to create things, this could be an entertaining project. Being able to power even a small device using only the sun or wind gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Important notice! Don’t buy Earth4Energy from the main sales link! At the time of this review, we discovered that if you try to exit the page or close “Suzy”, their spokeswoman (which we found a bit annoying), a fake chat box pops up and offers a $10 discount. We strongly recommend that if you plan to buy, to take advantage of this offer.

Usually, although they tell you it’s a limited time offer, they rarely go away. BUT … you never know. If you want to buy, we suggest taking advantage of this offer right away.

Bottom line: if you fancy yourself a handyman or woman and have been considering this, Earth4Energy gives you everything you need to know. For product comparisons, visit DIY Residential Solar Power and Windmill Power Reviews for more details.

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