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image I know just a little less than nothing about plastic and reconstructive surgery. I do know a thing or two about web sites though.
I was asked to take a look the Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon Dr. Emily Pollard’s site at


A fine choice was made with the domain is descriptive, definitive, brief and memorable.


The site design is spacious and uncluttered. It’s clean and simple, as you would expect from a Doctor’s office. The menus are clear and obvious.
The left hand side menu system is descriptive and concise. Although I would like to see some consistency in the expansion and collapsing of the different menu areas. It looks like each menu area should expand and collapse. Only some do.

I’m not quite sure what to think of the grey shaded boxes. The boxes placed at the left of the content pages do tend to make the text a little harder to read. To me they seem a little out of place.

I’d make the title and logo a little larger too.


The focus of the site is obvious. Unlike many similar sites in this field Dr. Pollard’s site offers a great deal of helpful advice and pre-consultation questions and answers. She’s not just trying to get you in the door.


The site content, for the most part (see design) is readable. It’s not worded in an overly complicated manner, which I’m sure is easy to do in any kind of surgery like this. Even I can understand it!

There are readily available photos and before and after shots for many procedures.


As well as detailed information on the procedures offered by Dr. Pollard there is a lot of information about Dr. Pollard herself, her affiliations, education, media appearances etc. Which I’m sure is comforting to any prospective patients.


Overall, accomplishes it’s goal effectively and tastefully.


In Philadelphia? want to know more about Dr. Pollard and Plastic and reconstructive surgery? Check out






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