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Video marketing has literally “jumped out of the ground” in the past couple of years and as an internet marketer, it’s now just about the most valuable part of one’s marketing arsenal.

One of the things I notice within my PortalFeeder reviews is that this is an area many members are keen to learn and with tools such as Video Post Robot at their disposal, members are already a step ahead of those struggling to figure this stuff out by themselves.

Power Of Video Marketing

Video marketing should be part of your marketing campaigns. There is little doubt about that but what should be a pretty simple step in submitting your content to the various video sites is where many get it wrong.

We’re not talking advanced steps here, just the basic stuff. At PortalFeeder, questions on video marketing are often received and the biggest mistakes we see people make is not taking the time to create their accounts in the correct fashion.

Or bunching their niches all in one basket. In this article, we will highlight just three steps in video account creation you need to be doing to get the most out of your video marketing.

Video Marketing Tips From PortalFeeder

Here’s where most people immediately put themselves on the back foot. They hash the first step and that is the sign up process. Now of course we are talking about internet marketers and if you use video just for recreational purposes then this won’t apply to you.

But if you are an internet marketer and the whole purpose of using video is to attract visitors to your sites then you had better nail this first step. The sign up process is messed up by more than 95% of internet marketers. Many are leaving traffic on the table by not using a focused and targeted account set up method.

Here’s what you need to be doing especially if affiliate marketing is your chosen field:

  1. For every new niche you enter, create a new account.
  2. At every opportunity, use your main keyword as your chosen username.
  3. Enter your money site url. You have a much better chance of ranking when you focus and it’s important when promoting your RSS feed.

If the above sounds simple it is. But you wouldn’t believe how many – the majority of video marketers in fact, that get this wrong. As far as a Portal Feeder bonus is concerned, it’s these type of tips that are the real bonuses because they can make such a huge difference to your traffic numbers and bottom line.

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