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Being good as an affiliate marketer takes a lot of time and a big learning curve. Whether you’re chasing the paid or organic traffic, there are different levels you’ll need to work through.

One of the biggest downfalls of affiliate marketers, especially those new to the game is they are what we term as shy affiliate marketers.

PortalFeeder Members Have An Edge

If you are reading Portal Feeder reviews then one thing you’ll notice is that while some may be biased, those who have come through the training at PortalFeeder are only too eager to push the fact that it’s a membership decision that can set you up for life as an internet marketer.

For life? One of the biggest things I see as a mentor within the Portal Feeder membership is the sometimes timid nature of those trying their hand at affiliate marketing.

This is usually the case with inexperienced members and it has a lot to do with not understanding that by optimizing for long term phrases then visitors to your site are already in a buying frame of mind. Give it to them front and square as soon as they land on your page.

Become What You Preach

The point here is, visitors will come to your site looking for the solution you’re offering. For some reason, many people get timid about pushing a product. They are timid about what we call driving the click.

Let’s face it, many people who go to a website looking for their solution are a little like sheep. One of the first things that should grab their attention is the product you’ve based the site around. Too often we see people having to scroll and scroll, reading content when the act you want them to commit is look at the product you’re promoting.

Portal Feeder Affiliates

Affiliate marketing is becoming more and more cut throat and if they don’t buy from you they’ll most certainly buy from someone else. You see, if you have optimized correctly for the keyword you’re targeting which should be a long tail buying phrase, then the visitor that lands on your site is there already in a buying mood.

The last thing they want to do is spend time reading through content and marvel at your literary skills. Give them the bullet points they want to see, a short review and the opportunity to click through very early in the piece.

Portal Feeder affiliates get this early on in the process and it’s one of the reason the affiliate marketing learning curve is considerably shorter.

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