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Our AppSmile Team is suffering from the winter blues here in icy Detroit. So when we can pick up our iPhones and enjoy the virtual sunshine while racing wave runners, we’re all over that! And that’s the whole point of Aqua Moto Racing. Resolution Interactive launched Aqua Moto Racing into the iTunes App Store on February 21, 2009 and it’s been selling well ever since.

This games is all about customization, web connectivity, and full-throttle racing!

Users are presented with a choice of up to 5 Profiles to customize. The Profile screen displays that user’s number of Trophies Collected as well as his or her total progress in the game. You can also choose your Appearance (Rider color and Vehicle Color).

Under the Options tab on the Main Menu, players can vary the Master Volume, SFX Volume, Music Volume, and Input Sensitivity.

Web Connectivity
When you create a new Profile, you can create an account with Resolution Interactive. Then you can choose if you want your stats uploaded to their server and displayed on the Rankings tab of the Main Menu – pretty cool. Resolution has also informed AppSmile that they are seriously looking into a Wi-Fi multiplayer feature. Hopefully they will have this done by the next AMR upgrade. Cool!

Full-Throttle Racing
All right, now to the good stuff – Racing! Races take place in Championships and Time Trials. There are 6 Championships that test your skill from Beginner Stock (easy) to Pro Open (hard). Within each Championship are a number of race courses. You need to get first place in one Championship in order to unlock the next. Championship wins gain you points that can be used for tuning you watercraft. Once you successfully complete a Championship, those courses are also unlock and available to race in the Time Trial section.

Steering is accomplished through the accelerometer and your watercraft’s acceleration is controlled automatically. You’ll need to get steering down pat as buoys have to be passed on the left and right to guide you through the course. Sharper turns can be made by touching the screen’s left side (brake). Push the right side of the screen to boost your watercraft past opponents. Raise your Boost levels by properly passing buoys. Another way is by performing mid-air tricks. Just quickly tilt the iPhone up when jumping to activate Stunt Mode. There are six different stunts you can perform. Tap the bottom of the iPhone screen to get a rear view. Don’t hold this too long or you’ll get disoriented. Just hold it long enough to see where the other racers are behind you. This comes in handy since AMR doesn’t display a overview map.

The reaction of your watercraft while racing as amazing. You’ll think you’re actually on the water. The graphics are also outstanding. Resolution dotted all the i’s when they designed in water reflections, waves, splash effects, and virtual buoyancy. The racer interaction also deserves another “well done.”

The iPhone is quickly becoming the mobile gamers’ device of choice. And that’s because of games like Aqua Moto Racing.

AppSmile Favorite Features:

One of the few water racing games for the iPhone OS
Realistic game play
Superb graphics
Lots of options and customization
Future updates coming…
Great Music
AppSmile Recommended Improvements:

Cannot override game music with iTunes music
Include multiple watercraft types to choose from like stand-up Jet Skis

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