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A standard RJ45 Ethernet connector.
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With the networking industry rapidly moving to an all-IP infrastructure there is an urgent need for test systems that test the infrastructure, evaluating and validating its performance, accuracy and reliability. Testing must encompass networks, devices, applications and services. Therefore, test systems that do IP performance testing have become essential for service providers, network and converged service providers, original equipment manufacturers, governments, and enterprises. Moreover, a powerful test system can address IP network assessment, IP service verification and IP test automation.

There is no arguing that quality is essential any business enterprise. This results in pressure on network equipment manufacturers, service providers and enterprises to deliver products which are superior in quality, reliability, operability and performance. But, to achieve ‘utility grade’ quality, network products must be thoroughly tested and validated.

A comprehensive test system tests a variety of functions, including video, voice, content aware handling, security, application performance, routing, switching, wireless, broadband access, and so on. When implemented on a single testing platform, most testing concerns can be addressed economically.

The test systems that are now available in the market provide highly accurate emulations of network and application traffic that test IP network devices and systems to their fullest. These systems utilize a wide range of industry-standard interfaces, including Ethernet, SONET, ATM and wireless connectivity interface to network devices.

So, whatever performance and compatibility issues that may arise with the use of networking technology can be mitigated to a great extent with the help of an effective test system. It not only reduces risk associated with IP-based networks, services and devices, but can also improve quality as well as performance.

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