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CHICAGO, April 1, 2009 — Metaphor Software
(, a leading Education
Software firm, has announced the release of Backpack, the
first On-Demand Social Student Information System product of
its kind, designed to revolutionize SIS, starting with the
ability to centrally manage an entire school district.

Backpack has two components: Backpack SIS, the employee
interface for managing all aspects of the district, and
Backpack Community, a web portal providing parents and
students full transparency, interactivity, and communication
with teachers and each other.

“Teachers tell us they just want to teach; that frustrations
like attendance and grades get in the way. Parents tell us
they want to take a more active role in their children’s
education, but juggling everything is difficult. Backpack
solves this problem, bringing real-time information,
transparency, and communication to parents and teachers
through technology.” — John Carr, Metaphor Software CEO

Backpack is built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a proven
technology that ensures a solid product and seamless
Microsoft integration. Backpack SIS users may even opt to
access the system through Outlook.
Backpack Community utilizes a powerful Social Networking
component to create information transparency and
communication with teachers, allowing parents to take a more
active role. Backpack Community provides a secure online
platform, safe from outside influence or predators, where
students collaborate with each other in a format geared for

“Administrators will love the easy access to data for making
informed decisions and proving that taxpayer dollars are
well-spent. Parents will love real-time updates, assignment
schedules, and easy communication with teachers and other
parents. Teachers will love attendance and grade book
automation.” — John Carr, Metaphor Software CEO

Backpack is a showcase product in the Microsoft Public
Sector Idea Bank ), an
online portal of Public Sector On-Demand solutions created
by Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner.

“Backpack is going to change the way K-12 School Districts
think about student information systems. It’s addictively
easy to use, has a low monthly cost which ensures schools
only pay for what they use and it’s available immediately!”
– Anthony Salcito, General Manager for Education, U.S.
Public Sector, Microsoft Corporation

With Backpack, a school district can be in operation
immediately for a fraction of the cost of a traditional
solution. With Backpack Community, parents, students, and
teachers will have an unprecedented level of transparency
and communication, allowing busy parents to play a more
prominent role, giving each student the influence and
assistance they need to excel. Visit
 for an online demo.



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