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LOS ANGELES, April 2, 2009 — Across the country, many small
businesses are barely hanging on. Prominent small business
groups, including the National Federation of Independent
Business and the Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Council, have stated that the passing of the stimulus
package does little to help small businesses grow or even
survive. These organizations argue that the new jobs created
in the past 10 years have come from small businesses, yet
they are ignored in one of the largest economic plans ever
passed in the U.S.

“With the future of small businesses uncertain and funding
limited, small businesses are turning to business credit
cards instead of traditional business loans,” said Charles
Tran, Research Director of the credit card comparison
He advises that there are several ways that business credit
cards can be used intelligently by small businesses as a
proactive corporate stimulus plan:

— Accessing a Cash Source. Business credit cards are an
immediate, convenient source of cash. They can be used to
pay vendors, order supplies and cover travel expenses. The
use of business credit cards topped the list of financing
sources for small businesses last year, according to a 2008
survey by the National Small Business Association.

“As you can see, business credit cards aren’t just for
emergencies; they are indispensable,” Tran said.

— Developing Business Credibility. They can be used to help
establish a successful record and credit history until more
capital is readily available.

— Earning Cash Back Rewards for Your Bottom Line. Business
credit cards aren’t just for charging needless expenses. The
perks of most business credit cards today can actually
impact your business in a positive way.

— Building a Solid Credit History. Using business credit
cards can help establish a respectable credit history. They
may allow you to pay off the entire balance before the due
date. Another option for businesses is a business credit
card with a high spending limit that will allow you to carry
a balance.

— Managing Tax Matters. Not only do credit card statements
help you sort your expenses come tax time, but they may also
come in handy when a tax bill needs to be paid and your cash
flow is dry. While it’s not advised to do so often, the
Internal Revenue Service has begun accepting credit cards
for tax payments.

— Enjoying Increased Security. Many credit card companies
protect the user against poor merchandise and undelivered
service – giving the small business owner peace of mind
about inventory purchases and new vendors.

Small business owners can visit
for free comparisons of major credit cards that they can use
to help keep their business afloat in these trying times.
They can search, compare and apply right on the site,
finding the best credit cards for their needs.

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