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SUWANEE, Ga., April 2, 2009 — Industry-leading Community &
Association Management website provider AtHomeNet
( has officially announced the
release of the highly anticipated "AtHomeNet Elite" service.
The announcement comes in conjunction with AtHomeNet’s
eleventh year of operation, continuing a tradition of
providing affordable online solutions for the Community
Association Industry. Following years of development and
months of beta testing, AtHomeNet Elite hits the market at a
time when the industry as a whole is centered on improving
operational efficiencies and saving money. The timing of
Elite’s launch is perfect as the service was designed
specifically to make the job of managing communities less
time-consuming and more centralized.

The company began the initial stages of development of the
Elite service nearly three years ago, with the product’s
core focus being to provide a user-friendly, yet powerful
and expansive set of web-based functionality to aid in every
aspect of managing individual or multiple community
associations. Particular attention was given to making it
easier for portfolio (multi-property) managers to simplify
processes and perform their jobs more efficiently from a
single central web console.
Jeff Sanders, AtHomeNet’s Director of Technology and
Co-owner, cites tireless technology research, coupled with
listening to scores of feedback from hundreds of Community &
Association Management website customers as the foundation
for the progressive functionality in AtHomeNet Elite.
Sanders and his technology team have spearheaded Elite’s
development from its inception, and he and Co-owner/Director
of Marketing Susan Sanders are excited about Elite’s
potential to invigorate the community association industry.

"Years of work and thousands of hours of research and
development time have gone into the creation of Elite.
Professional Association Managers in particular are going to
love what Elite has to offer, with so much emphasis now
placed on increasing community portfolios and being able to
effectively manage them. Elite was inspired by the needs of
this industry and designed to meet them head on," Susan
Sanders commented.

"We invested this kind of time and resources because we
wanted to create a product that will change the way people
manage their communities, particularly for Association
Management firms that work with a lot of community clients.
Much like in AtHomeNet Classic, we are going to continue to
expand the features and functionality of Elite, because the
service itself is designed to stay paced with the industry
as a whole, meaning that as our customers and the
Association Management environment grows, Elite will grow
with them," Jeff Sanders stated at Elite’s Release Party
video shoot last week.

About AtHomeNet

AtHomeNet is the nation’s premiere provider of customized,
affordable websites for communities and Professional
Association Management Firms. The company was founded in
1998 by husband and wife team Jeff and Susan Sanders. Their
websites are now used in over 1.5 million homes and five
countries worldwide.

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