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Google Maps are great and there are a lot of MashUps that have been created to reflect different things using Google Maps.

Click2Map takes Google Maps and your data a few steps further using contextual geographical data and the power behind Google’s mapping application, all in an intuitive, easy to use, generally user friendly system.

How about embedding a widget in your site showing visitors how to get to you, showing your locations, highlighting your service area, and more. You can even use custom markers, import your own data (kml, xml, csv, GEORss etc).

Click2Map announced, this week, that you can further tailor your map by customizing the headers, footers, fonts, sidebars, colors and more. Easily making your map.. well.. your map.

Click2Map is all about sharing knowledge and making it easy to and everyone’s right to do so.  It’s all about using something that internet users are familiar with and turning it into a more effective lead and traffic generation tool.

I love that you can take your own figures (i.e a customer database) and upload it and see where many of your clients are located.

Yes, it is a paid service but if you have a need for this kind of thing it’s well worth it. They’re even offering a 30 day free trial right now so check out the signup page

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