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I’ve had some very positive experiences with VistaPrint over the past week or two.
I was looking for new business cards and @Vistaprint reached out to me on Twitter.
I was at a client location and talking about the promotional materials that they had done. I thought they were ‘professionally done’ only to find out that these great looking postcards and catalogs were printed through VistaPrint!

Today I found out that VistaPrint offers custom invitations and announcements too. If they’re as good as everything else I’ve seen come out of VistaPrint then you really can’t go amiss.

Take a look at VistaPrint’s announcements and invitations site to see what they can do for you.

Of course because it’s VistaPrint everything is made terribly easy and your quality invitation and announcements are printed in full color.

Wait, don’t think this is just for baby showers, cook outs and weddings, there is business to be done here too.

If you don’t want to design your prints yourself, VistaPrint has a fine set of ready made templates for all occasions.
From new business announcements and seminars to fundraising, open houses and other special events they have you covered. In fact, I found myself looking at the selection and started thinking “oooh that’s a god idea, I should do some of those.” Allow yourself some inspiration.

Of course, should you feel artistic you can use the VistaPrint designer to design your announcements and invitations or just upload your own. Good luck finding a professional looking template that doesn’t suit your needs though. 

There’s a whole lot of free going on on VistaPrint too – if you check out the site you can get 10 announcements or invitations for free (and add envelopes for them for just a couple of bucks). You can’t beat free, right?

So, get online and them out. Make sure you invite me!


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