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The iTunes App Store is loaded with puzzle games. In fact, this was primarily the first game style to arrive when the App Store went public. So, the question is – can anything noteworthy still be created in the puzzle game genre? If you have your doubts…you need to check out Ancient Frog. Ancient Workshop brought out this ambidextrous amphibian on February 11, 2009.
He hopped on to our AppSmile iPhones this week so we’ve had some time to poke around with him.

The point of Ancient Frog is to manipulate your toad just so for him to catch a fly that’s right out of reach – and probably driving him nuts! Drag the hands and feet (or are they paws?) with your finger. The tough part is that you can only move one appendage at a time and there are designated locations to place them. Moving one hand to a certain place may prevent you from moving a foot to another place later. So, much thought and planning is involved in deciding how to get to the fly. Check out our game play video below to see what we mean.

When you start the game for the first time, you’ll be presented with instructions. These explained a lot and can be found if you ever go back to the first level. Kinda confusing, but it works.

Ancient Frog boasts 100 levels and 6 different frog species. This will keep you busy for a while since the puzzles get increasingly difficult. There isn’t a time limit, thank goodness, but Par is provided in each puzzle. Par means the number of moves it “should” take you to get to the fly.

The frog renderings are beautiful and the movement is realistic. You should be impressed with the sound effects. They put you right in the middle of the Amazon.

Our AppSmile team anticipates that this game will be hoppin’ to the top of the iTunes Apps list in no time.

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