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Checks are getting scarcer and scarcer in this day and age. People are increasingly using some form of electronic payment to make purchases and pay bills.

There are people, businesses and places that still swear by checks though.

Exactly how personal does a check have to be though? does how personal a check is differ depending on whether it is a…personal or business check?

Is there branding involved as per where it’s coming from?

If we’re honest, no-one spends a lot of time gazing at a check. If you’re writing one you often want it to be done with as soon as possible and if you’re receiving one you normally want it to be in the bank as quickly as possible.

Whether you’re signing the front or signing the back you don’t spend a lot of time on it.

I think personalized checks are one of those nice little touches in life. Yes, people can and do go overboard with embarrassing photos of their grandchildren plastered all over their finances but there are some tasteful, unique touches that make a check tasteful and branded (whether it be personal or business).

Take VistaPrint for example. Their custom checks center is one of the most popular parts of their web site, offering personal checks, business checks, computer checks and more.

Unlike the check companies that your bank suggests (or your bank for that matter) VistaPrint doesn’t tend to take you to the cleaners and empty your wallet when you need to refill your check book either.

Pick something relative to you when you’re customizing a check, make it tasteful or choose colors that suite your business branding.

VistaPrint even offers the option to add an accent image or monogram. This is something that can set your check apart from the rest.

Of course it’s important to put your name and address on your check, it’s a good idea to make sure it’s all right before you start using them, even before you receive them too. With online print services you can check your order before it’s printed, whereas if you’re dealing through a bank you’re often working blind and relying on someone’s handwriting.

What do you think? Do you use checks? What’s your take?


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