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An example of "rack mounted" servers.

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I’ve said it before, I’m saying it again and I’m sure there’ll be a few more times that I’ll mention it in the future. You really have to shop around for web hosting.
There isn’t a one size-fits-all solution, different people have different hosting needs, certainly different companies have different web hosting needs. There are (as there should be) as many different web hosting packages out there as there are people who need web hosting.

Sadly, it would seem there there is also as many companies offering web hosting as there are people who need it.

You need to shop around, you need to talk to people and companies.
Be sure you’re not tired into a contract for a certain package, paying the same amount forever. Prices change, services change, technologies change, companies change, of course your web site is changing (if not, it should be).

Even though the year isn’t half over yet the people over at Web Hosting Geeks have published a top 10 list of the year’s top 10 Web Hosting Service Providers.

As you look at the list you don’t immediately have to hop on and sign up with the #1 provider. Look through the list and what each offers and judge for yourself what you need and who you need it with.

Maybe you’ll pick someone who isn’t on the list at all.


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