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SEYMOUR, Tenn., April 9, 2009 —
( releases theme packaging, thus
allowing anyone to create and share themes for websites
powered by the Spruz platform. Adding features that make it
easy for designers to create and share themes will add value
for Spruz users by providing a larger selection of themes
contributed by independent designers while rewarding
designers that create quality themes. As part of the theme
sharing features, users/designers can export a theme for
download or direct submission to the Spruz theme library.
When a theme is exported, the associated files are put into
a zip archive including cascading style sheets (CSS) and

"Our main goal for this release is to open doors for artists
and designers to make money and a name for themselves on the
platform while at the same time filling the huge demand for
a wider section of quality themes," said David Furman, Spruz
Inc. Vice President and CTO.
Spruz theme packaging opens new doors for designers. With
theme packaging, both new and seasoned designers can share
their website designs with a community of 1000’s on the
Spruz platform. A designer can use the Spruz design tools in
order to create a theme that is customizable by users that
install the theme or by using the Spruz Design Editor CSS
tools to create a custom high-quality theme. Once a designer
finishes a design, then he can directly publish it to the
Spruz theme library. When a theme is published the designer
can set the name, description and if the theme will be free
or have a price to install. Pay themes will allow designers
to earn additional income from users that will pay for
quality themes.

The Spruz platform is a website creation platform that
allows anyone to make a free dynamic website with social
orientated features. Since launch in March of 2007 Spruz has
activated over 187,000 DIY websites. Currently users create
over 250 new websites every day on the Spruz platform. The
Spruz platform technology is an interconnected system where
all websites created are part of a centralized network thus
adding a high level of security, scalability, and
functionality to user-created websites.

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