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Organizations are constantly looking to expand business. Consequently, their networks grow larger and complex, making it necessary to look into network stability issues often. New applications like VoIP, video and other applications may create bottlenecks in the operating network and such issues need to be isolated and rectified immediately to ensure smooth flow of network traffic.

IP network needs to be assessed adequately to prevent network failures from affecting the regular operations of any company. Many companies have realized the need for IP network assessment and have started to create robust infrastructures to protect their networks.

IP network assessment tools facilitate the overall care of feeding and managing a VoIP platform. There are many tools available in the market to gauge network performance.

While choosing network assessment tools, the following points need to be looked into.

  1. Assessment – It should be able to assess network performance through large-scale networks.
  2. Simulation – It should be able to simulate hundreds of protocols across thousands of network endpoints
  3. Performance testing – It should have the ability to perform IP network assessment of the performance characteristics of any application running on wired and wireless networks. It should be able to provide a powerful and repeatable way to assess a network’s VoIP performance
  4. Compliance – It should be able to validate proper conformance with industry standards prior to production deployment and verify acceptable performance

Apart from using assessment tools, it is also important to perform regular troubleshooting and check for network response time, throughput and streaming performance. Using efficient tools for network assessment and troubleshooting can go a long way in preventing any kind of network issues that may arise when using large networks

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