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The Registry Editor in Windows Vista
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There comes a time when our beloved computers just don’t seem to work as fast as they used to and that’s when a lot of people call the computer repair guy or take the computer to the PC clinic which can cost a fortune. Although this is probably a sensible thing to do, there should be one thing you should check before calling the repair guy and that is to check the registry on your computer for errors. Registry errors can cause serious performance issues with your PC but the good thing is they can be easily fixed.

The registry is like a database of user program settings and options and basically it keeps all of our software and programs running the way we want. It is important that we keep the registry in good order to ensure that our PC’s perform at their best. If you would like to repair or check the registry on your computer for errors, please follow the steps below.

There are two ways you can go here; firstly you could try to manually fix the bad registry entries by using a registry editor. This is quite risky though because one mistake here and your computer may become unbootable so this should only be attempted if you are comfortable editing registry settings. If you are attempting to fix things manually always make a backup of the registry before editing so you can restore the backup if things go wrong.

The other option is to use a registry repair program to fix registry problems. This is the quickest and safest route to take when tackling registry errors. Most registry repair software will automatically backup the computers registry so you don’t need to worry about it. Then you just need to scan your PC which should take a few minutes and you will then be given the results of the scan. This will tell you if you have a clean registry in which case you would have to do nothing further or it will give you the details of any problems contained in the registry and provide instructions on how to fix them.

Fixing registry errors with softwareis usually a simple process where you will be guided through on screen instructions and the problems are usually removed in just a few clicks of the mouse. After you have fixed the registry errors it’s a good idea to reboot your PC and all being well you will notice a substantial performance increase from your PC.

Finding a good registry repair program isn’t difficult but there are many so choosing the right one may seem like a daunting task. All you need to do is find a good review type website from which you can gather which registry repair program is best for your needs.

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