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Author: Lindsay Hogan

Undoubtedly, it’s Apple that has paved the way for the digital and wireless music era as Apple iPod becomes an impeccable gadget that has been sweet heart for most of us! iPod can be more brilliant with the sparkling ipod accessories in the audio and other departments. Here we put forward the top ten dazzling and rocking iPod accessories that will make you the cynosure in the audiences.

Wanna listen music with an intensity never experienced before? The new 50mm High Explosive Skullcandy HESH delivers the ultimate sound which no headphone can match indeed. With the biggest and powerful power drives, HESH also includes the parabolic ear-cups to produce impeccable sound quality.

With balanced microspeakers, Shure SE110 earphones deliver amazing sound with a rich and elegant touch. Assorted sleeves and a modular cable provide unparalleled comfort and customization.

Mingle luxury with supreme audio experience with the new V-Moda Modaphones Vibe Duo with Mic. Compatible with iPhone as well, its lightweight metal design will take you by surprise!

Have your music with you anywhere on your iPod with these two fantastic looking silver portable speakers as also the unlimited sharing, FM options included.

Go furry with the hot titanium drivers with which the Skullcandy Ti Pink Fur 3.5mm Stereo Headphones are made up of! Incredible comfortable guaranteed.

Koss SparkPlug headphones for iPod are dynamic headphones with a smaller, lightweight design ensuring amazing portability and exceptional music listening experience.

Handsfree listening experience directly to your iPod and cell phones is made easier with the new amazing intuitive skullcandy link backphones for iPod. The LINK system headphones offer incredible high fidelity sound.

Go green and sporty with the new water-resistant Sennheiser stereo headphones for iPod providing a secure fit and amazing comfort with its outstanding magnetic surfaces.

Skullcrusher’s rocking bass amplified subwoofer headphones pump in the gorgeous rocking music on your head with the design that will make other feel jealous of your personality!

Koss Portpro stereophones offers a foldable design featuring collapsible headbands that ensure comfortable music listening experience. Very stylish and lightweight includes carrying case as well!

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