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MUKILTEO, Wash., April 28, 2009 — Cybergolf, the golf
industry leader in online marketing tools, has announced the
availability of GolfVite(TM) ), a
new social networking and invitation system designed and
developed specifically for golfers and golf courses.

In today’s hectic world, many golfers have lost their
connection with other players and the courses they play. The
loss of this social connection and sense of community has
helped lead to a drop in the number of total rounds played
across the U.S. GolfVite(TM) is designed to recreate the
experience as it builds a "virtual clubhouse" for golfers to
connect and develop a community around their favorite

GolfVite(TM) allows golfers to create, send and manage
invitations to other players. These invitations are the
start of a community developed and maintained by golfers
with common interests and experiences. Recent nationwide
studies have shown that the power and effectiveness of
targeted golf invitations drive play. These studies have
also shown that up to 70% of golfers will play golf when
they receive a personal invitation.
Cybergolf has designed GolfVite(TM) to allow it to
seamlessly integrate with any course website and develop
communities across many golf facilities. This allows all
golf facilities to offer their customers a golf-specific
social networking system with many online invitation
features, while allowing golfers to easily connect with
other players and their favorite courses.

GolfVite(TM) was developed using Cybergolf’s Micro
Communication Technology (MCT) which combines the best of
social networking and online invitation technology to offer
golfers and courses a powerful marketing platform.
GolfVite(TM) also seamlessly integrates with Cybergolf’s
industry-leading email marketing system, making it intuitive
and easy to use. Cybergolf is offering the GolfVite(TM)
solution as a free service to qualifying courses and clubs.

"We believe GolfVite(TM) will change the way golfers share
their golf experiences and reinvigorate the social aspects
of golf," said Dan Murnan, Founder and CEO of Cybergolf.
"GolfVite(TM) increases golfer participation by socially
connecting golfers and golf courses, while offering a new,
easy and enticing way for golfers to interact and invite
each other to play golf."

The challenge with mainstream social networks is the broad
application of its technology. GolfVite(TM) has effective
and engaging applications that are developed around the
vertical attributes of golf. The current economic climate
presents a challenging environment for the golf industry,
and GolfVite(TM) fills a large need to call on golfers to
participate and play more without the need for facilities to
deeply discount green fees. For golf courses, this
translates into a significant increase in incremental rounds
played and dollars spent by the visiting players.

About Cybergolf

Cybergolf ( was established in
1995. The company features a complete portfolio of online
marketing tools that enable golf course managers to
administer their websites, launch email marketing programs,
and integrate e-commerce capabilities through a single
intuitive interface. These tools fill an immediate need for
golf courses by providing easy-to-use, cost-efficient and
high ROI marketing tools.

With nearly 1,000 golf clients in 47 states and five
countries, Cybergolf is the established online marketing
leader in the golf industry. The Cybergolf Network of sites
receives over 2 million unique visitors every month. also features over 70 city sites where golfers
can interact, send GolfVites(TM), find local playing
partners, create communities, make tee times, read local
golf news and access the individual websites of hundreds of

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