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Applications are installed and uninstalled constantly on many, many computers.

Not all installers and uninstallers do a great job though, sometimes lines, codes, entries and hooks are left in your computer’s registry and while it’s busy trying to do everything else it’ll find itself busy trying to figure out what else is going on and why on earth there are errors.

This is partly why computers error, hang, run slowly and generally go…. wrong.

I was sent a link to Uniblue’s Registry booster this week and thought I’d share it.

The Uniblue Registry Booster is just one of a number of software utilities from Uniblue but it’s the one I’m going to talk about.

In case you’re not sure if your computer registry is up to par, Uniblue has a free download that will scan your registry for you and let you know if you need to take further action before spending any money.

Even if you do have to spend the money though it’s not really a big deal. Uniblue has managed to keep the software at a reasonable price. In fact, you can buy Registrybooster and SytemTweaker for less than $30! (less than you’d pay many computer techs per hour). Take advantage though – this offer is only good for a couple of days.

RegistryBooster scans your system, reports problems, improves system performance, backs up and restores and changes it makes, keeps on scanning to keep your system in shape.

SystemTweaker gives you control over your system with more than 1,000 tweaks. You can control your startup and shutdown procedures, change and enhance Windows system settings and many application settings as much as you like through a simple interface.

Also, an important note – Uniblue is a Microsoft Gold Partner. This is a big deal. To be a Gold Partner you have to prove yourself to Microsoft and have so many Microsoft Certified people on staff etc. etc. It’s no easy and it’s good to see a company offering services like this touting their association with Microsoft.



Download the free scanner here

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