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image CB isn’t dead!

I was asked to take a look at and let them know what I think. I thought I’d blog about it 🙂

CB is one of those things that I figured we’d all rely on if there was some kind of catastrophic emergency. Also, I’ll admit that I thought CB was a dying trend.
Looking at the site stats for the site though, I’m obviously wrong.

RightChannelRadios has seen a steady increase in traffic over the past year with a lot of traffic coming from Search Engines. Mostly people are happening on the site when they’re looking for simply CB Radios, Firestik and CB Radios by Cobra, which is pretty impressive because they’re pretty broad search terms.

The site itself is pretty simple. Like most shopping sites it has the items listed in the menu on the left and cart related resources at the top of the page.

The store categories aren’t too cluttered. There is a nice breadcrumb navigation and a detailed explanation of the brand or items in the category at the top of the page.

It’s nice to see a number of customer comments right out there on the front page.

There are featured items on the front page. They’re way down at the bottom though. I’d move them further up the page, closer to the ‘fold’, maybe even above it.

I wouldn’t repeat the testimonials – there’s a section in the left bar and a main page section. There doesn’t really need to be two.

It’s good to see a focus on customer service. RightChannelRadios seems to be all about helping you find the product you need and getting it to you.
It’s good to see compatibility reviews, installation and technical help, even an area for you to ask questions.

It’s blatantly obvious that it’s an online store you can trust too, there is an verification and GeoTrust security on the site. These two logos normally mean that the company running the store is willing to sink some money into the security of it.


In all, I’d say that RightChannelRadios is onto a good thing. With a couple of minor layout changes I’d say the site works pretty well.

Check them out at

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