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LA PORTE, Ind., April 28, 2009 — Awards Network recently
rolled out a completely complimentary analytical program
called the Report Dashboard which provides clients with
in-depth reporting on all aspects of online incentive

“Organizations need easy access to incentive program
information in order to accurately present award program
progress to upper management for review during the economic
downturn,” states Bob McDowell, Director of Sales at Awards
Network. “Program administrators also need to access
incentive program information regularly to review and revise
the award program to ensure effectiveness, relevance and a
positive ROI is achieved,” adds Andi Baruffi, Senior Account
Manager at Awards Network.
Utilizing the Report Dashboard, Awards Network clients can
review real-time incentive program data and run in-depth
reports covering all award program details. In addition to
customized reporting features, clients have access to the
following via the online Report Dashboard:

— Monitor number of assigned/redeemed points to maintain
  reward budget goals

— Track participant logins to gauge participation and interest
  in the incentive program

— Audit point awards by goal completion to maintain reward
  program relevancy

— Review participant performance for each goal and plan for
  new goals or revised ones in future

— Evaluate incentive program results for different participant
  groups or locations

— Assess top gift selections for incentive program marketing
  and improvement in the future

“Organizations want to ensure that the incentive program’s
impact will maximize their return on investment,” McDowell
explains. “Clients with sales incentive programs, employee
performance improvement programs, safety award programs,
referral incentives and loyalty incentive programs can rely
on the Report Dashboard to provide their decision-makers
with a clear picture of the program’s impact across the

“This new analytical tool allows clients to schedule award
program-related tasks and makes sub-administrator management
and communication easy,” Baruffi comments. “The recession is
forcing increased oversight of incentive programs and our
analytical Report Dashboard enables clients to easily manage
their reward program while monitoring its progress.”

Along with the detailed reporting provided by the Report
Dashboard, Awards Network provides each client with an
experienced Account Manager who will provide helpful
insights and advice to get the most out of any incentive
program. Account Managers work with clients throughout the
award program and are an indispensable asset to ensuring any
incentive program’s success.

About Awards Network:

Awards Network has been producing bottom-line impact results
for America’s finest organizations with employee
recognition, incentive programs, business rewards and
corporate gifts for more than 50 years. We have shared our
experiences with a wide variety of clients in numerous
industries, each with a different challenge and unique goal.
Awards Network will help design, manage and implement an
employee award program built to motivate, improve
performance and achieve any organization’s goals. Featuring
name-brand merchandise and travel selections, Awards Network
lets the recipient select the gift of their choice.

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