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PORTLAND, Ore., May 6, 2009 — Inquisitive, motivated women
of all ilk who lead busy lives now have a new online home.
Striving to simplify women’s lives while setting itself
apart from social networks that pigeonhole women’s
interests, )
streamlines research on an array of social and cultural
interests, including art, books, music, movies, travel,
technology and more, for smart women who want the best Web
2.0 can offer.

“I’m an entrepreneur and single mom who can attest to the
fact that women are busy,” says Natalie Candelaria,’s founder. “We deserve to satisfy our
interests quickly and easily, and will help
you free your time. By building a community with
consumer-generated content, supports engaged,
resourceful and talented individuals, as well as connects
users to mentors or those in a position to advise. Companies
that want to share product or service information can also
weigh in, too.” is designed to be a consolidated hub of
social inspiration, networking and information. For example,
in its “Favorites Now” section, offers quick,
unbiased recommendations for music, books, movies, travel,
electronics and gifts. In addition, this online community

business, creative, and wellness/fitness resources,
enabling individuals to empower the mind, body and spirit;
— mentors who are assigned to key categories of interest,
oversee their respective areas, and provide encouraging,
balanced support for users;
— language translation tool on each page to pique curiosity
and interest among individuals about other cultures and
social environments, plus cater to a global online audience;
— company profiles, allowing businesses to post logos,
slogans, promotional and product information, videos,
jingles, etc., and interact with users;
— a job board, coming Fall 2009; and
— pickyGirls TV, featuring programming around the theme “Who
and What Inspires You,” coming this year.

“With all the social networking sites proliferating on the
Web today, caters to a very niche market,”
Candelaria says. “Whether our registered users choose to
showcase creative talents by uploading their personal works
or just exchange great ideas, helpful tips, encouraging
advice, etc., supports a quality of material
that has previously been unmatched in social networking –
particularly for women who embrace the wisdom and experience
of their peers.”

About ) is founded on
the belief that no matter whether you’re an artist,
businessperson, parent, musician, athlete, gourmet cook,
creative writer or world traveler, we all need each other to
encourage communication and imagination and build a vibrant
community. is where all such individuals can
come together to share resources, information, news, tips,
products, services and more, all for the purpose of personal
and professional betterment. An empowered world is one
equipped with all the best knowledge and tools possible.
Through the high-quality content, interactive environment
and mentorship provided through,
possibilities for growth and understanding are limitless.

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Author: Andy Quayle

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