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DALLAS, May 7, 2009 — Auction enthusiasts, thrill-seekers
and game-lovers across the country are hitting the jackpot
with ), an
online auction site that awards winners based on the highest
unique bid. The site, which kicked off this past January,
has witnessed a rapid response to its alternative approach
to online bidding. The number of users is on the rise, and
this upward trend is expected to continue, says John Saling,
president of The Unique Bid Corporation.

“Once the word got out there that a site like existed, it just took off,” states Saling.
“Particularly in this tough economy, people love that
there’s a place where they can go online and take their
chances at winning great items – everything from new LCD TVs
to a BMW and even a beautiful home. We’re noticing a trend,
too, where bidders aren’t just bidding on one item but on
multiple items. They’re attracted to the idea of the game
and winning, so they’re creating unique bids for as many
items as they can. Since the bidding is so inexpensive, it’s
a real deal if you win.”
Items up for auction at are sold for one
percent or less of retail value, which means winning the bid
for a new BMW through is an exceptional
bargain – and one of the reasons the car has generated so
much interest. All items are new, in excellent condition or
custom-ordered and drop-shipped straight from the factory to
winners. Considering the value of the auction items, the
cost to bid on an item is undoubtedly affordable, ranging
from $5-$50.

Since the launch of the, Saling has added
two new features to make the experience more exciting and
rewarding. First, the site has begun posting an “on-sale”
item, typically a smaller-ticket offering. Second, now includes a new “share” section, which
enable users to bookmark their favorite items on nine
popular online communities, such as Facebook and Digg.

“We’re making it easy for guests to share
whatever they like about the site with their social
networking and blogging communities,” Saling concludes. “One
thing we know people love to talk about is winning, and we
recently conducted a giveaway for a brand-new 32-inch LCD
TV. All of our registered users could participate in the
giveaway, and that created a lot of excitement among online
bidders and people who just love to win something. It didn’t
hurt that the prize was a quality television.”

To learn more about or to register and bid
on an item, visit .

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