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NEW YORK, May 7, 2009 — “There are many good lawyers, it’s
just the 99% who give the profession a bad name,” a popular
joke goes. Alex Konanykhin is determined to greatly decrease
this percentage and his track record suggests that he’s
likely to succeed in this daunting task. He’s been a
successful entrepreneur since his teenage years and his life
served as the basis of a thriller by best-selling author
Brian Haig (see and

Of course, Mr. Konanykhin cannot put every ambulance chaser
out of business, but the free online service which he’s
officially launching on May 11th, 2009 will surely make bad
lawyering a bad business.
His is a nationwide
database where lawyers are evaluated by their past clients.
Good lawyers benefit from positive evaluations by getting
more business while negative evaluations will reduce
incompetent or unscrupulous lawyers’ ability to find more
victims, forcing them to choose between cleaning up their
act and giving up law practice. also contains information on such
issues as lawyers’ malpractice, disbarment, sanctions, as
well as practical advice on how to find the best lawyer for
a particular case.

Alex is quite passionate about his new venture. He explains:
“I’ve dealt with more than my share of lawyers and selecting
an attorney always felt like a lottery. Two saved my life,
quite literally, while one other lawyer was disbarred for
trying to extort money from me. I’m launching as for many people the stakes in
choosing a lawyer are too high to leave such a decision to a

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