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Buying the right HD video can be easy if you find one that fits your needs. We have a few HD Camcorder Review that we think will give you the insider information to buy the right camcorder that will help you film those magical moments or filming your next documentary. Each of these products has it’s own lineup of features for you to choose from. We’ve narrowed it down to three different video camera products and reviewed each one of them for you.

Canon HD Camcorder Reviews
Canon is considered the top choices for HD Camcorders, as Canon’s lineup it has quite an aray of different camcorders for each need. Featuring Genuine Canon Optics and Canon’s advanced, proprietary video technologies, Canon’s exciting line-up of high definition video cameras continue to rate among the best in class.

Canon Vixia HFS100 Specials
The same high quality Genuine Canon Face Detection Technology used in Canon digital cameras is now available in Canon VIXIA high definition camcorders. Up to 35 faces can be detected automatically, and nine detection frames can be displayed at one time. The system is so intelligent that it will even recognize faces that are turned down or sideways. Consumers can select a face they would like the camcorder to continuously track. While in playback, consumers can access specific scenes based on chosen faces.

One of the best HD Camcorder Review from Canon we’ve seen is on the Canon VIXIA HFS 100. The HFS 100 has stood the test of time with over a year of high reviews and strong sales. The VIXIA HF S100 delivers brilliant video and photos through a new Canon exclusive 8.59-megapixel CMOS image sensor and the latest version of our advanced image processor, DIGIC DV III. The VIXIA HF S100’s Canon Exclusive features – such as the Genuine Canon 10x HD video lens, sophisticated Genuine Canon Face Detection capability, SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization and a host of new control and creative options – makes our Flash Memory camcorder unmistakably Canon.

On the tails of Canon’s high-definition HF10 and HF100, the Canon’s just came out with another version of the VIXIA that is morphed into smaller, more consumer-oriented camcorders with enhanced style. The HD camcorder reviews for the Canon Vixia HF20 and the Vixia HF200 are going to knock your sox off. First, the compactness and LCD joystick are the features that everyone will love, and the Canon Vixia HF20 and Canon Vixia HF200 are definite departures from their larger predecessors. The difference between the two is that the Canon Vixia HF20 records to 32GB of internal flash memory and SDHC cards At maximum quality (24mbps), you can record 2 hours, 55 minutes of HD video on its internal memory, while the Canon Vixia HF200 records solely to SDHC cards. Both camcorders have a smaller 3.89-megapixel 1/4″ CMOS chip, which is smaller than the HF100’s. Although the chip is a little smaller, the 15x optical zoom more than makes up for it. With all the
HD Camcorder Review out there, there’s been quite a divide between consumers and advanced shooters this year, so if you’re just looking to capture family moments in high-definition, we recommend sticking with the Canon Vixia HF20 or Canon Vixia HF200 rather than the HF S100.

The last VIXIA we want to to touch on is the Canon VIXIA HV40 Camcorder, which is a replacement to the highly acclaimed VIXIA HV30 camcorder. The HV40 shares the core components found within the VIXIA line, but also offers a Genuine Canon 10x HD Video Lens and 2.96 Megapixel Full HD CMOS Image Sensor. What’s more, the camcorder allows consumers to record in native 24p Mode, a feature previously found only on Canon’s professional camcorders. Native 24p allows consumer to capture and record 24 progressive frames per second to a HDV tape, a big advantage for the serious filmmaker. Another add-on feature, Custom Key Mode, enables consumers to assign commonly used functions to a single button on the camcorder for easy access.

Whichever mode you want to shoot in, standard or high def, the HV40 has both the SD and HD modes to record in The VIXIA HV40 is one of the best products on the market and you all the professionaland consumer features that ‘you’ve come to expect from Canon. The VIXIA HV40 is the premium quality High Definition video tape camcorder for sophisticated and discerning videographers.

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