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Author: Milan Leeham

Robotic vehicles are able to finish jobs that are very distressing, too boring, or just flat out too revolting for mankind. Unmanned vehicles can dive to the depths of the ocean, reach the far limits of the galaxy, examine the wells of a volcano, and travel into hostile war zones that would be too dangerous for a human driver. This fascinating new technology isn’t intended to be a substitute for drivers, but instead to help our current workers with mobile robot drivers that can travel all over the world, under any circumstances.

Robotic vehicles are nothing new to the United States Army. We frequently listen to military insiders tell a lot about how successful they are because of the assistance of the little, unmanned reconnaissance or tactical planes. Soldiers send the planes from a far away area and the planes are able to fly for many miles, bringing video and photos back to the military base. They are capable of pursuing targets and striking with immense precision. The most wonderful part is, none of the American soldiers are at risk and the terrorists are unaware that it is coming! The technology of robotics makes it easier for US soldiers to master drones as far away as the Middle East.

Civilian robotic vehicles are being created also, to be used in many ways. Sonar robotics technology is taking pictures of deep sea beds by the application of Synthetic Aperture Sonar, and this is something that is being seen for the first time. Uses for these technologies include farmers being able to monitor their crops and forest rangers being able to count trees and keep tabs on wildlife in remote areas of their parks. Vehicles created to ride on the surface of the water are floating on the coasts, while underwater gadgets are bringing up ancient shipwrecks and AWOL lobster traps that have broken apart, which would be dangerous to endangered marine life.

The next set of robotic vehicles due to be released just might astound you. Scientists are developing seven hundred ton Caterpillar trucks which will allow trucks to transport 240 tons of material from mining operations. Within the next 5 to 10 years, automated trucks are supposed to start making an appearance, which will help to conserve time and money. Because there are not enough drivers, this new robotics technology is sure to be a hit.

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Being a chip industry consultant for many years, Milan Leeham has had the pleasure of being involved in numerous ASIC and manufacturing projects. He strongly recommends a fabless semiconductor company to anyone needing sytem on chip services or custom IC design optimization.

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