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DORTMUND, Germany, May 14, 2009 — By using the new
FlickRocket platform, independent moviemakers are for the
first time able to set up their own download sales solution
for fully featured DVDs with download-to-own, burn or rental

FlickRocket is based on fluxDVD technology which was
previously only licensed to Hollywood Studios and large
international corporations. The fluxDVD technology enables
the compressed DVD transfer with all features of the
original DVD such as menus, bonus materials, multiple audio
tracks, subtitles and video angles.

With FlickRocket, moviemakers no longer have to deal with
the complex tasks of encoding video into different formats,
file-hosting or setting up their own web shop and payment
systems. The FlickRocket tools handle the content
preparation, tagging and upload to the FlickRocket Content
Delivery Network and the creation of an individual web shop.

The customizable web shop can be embedded in the
moviemakers’ web site by simple copy-and-paste. It handles
the complete payment process and supports multiple languages
and different currencies. Movie distribution is possible
with and without Digital Rights management and supports
rental, download-to-own and download-to-burn to regular
DVD-Rs. The burned discs may optionally be copy-protected
and play on every DVD player. The system also offers the
possibility of shipping DVDs by mail to customers without
high-speed Internet access.

“FlickRocket is the perfect solution for moviemakers that
want to enjoy the benefits and higher profits of direct
sales to end-users. No special technical skills are required
and the moviemaker can concentrate on what he does best –
making great movies,” says Michael Schmidt, VP Marketing at

Signing up to FlickRocket requires only a valid email
address. Moviemakers can use the free basic account to set
up online fully featured DVD download sales on their site
within minutes.

About FlickRocket

FlickRocket is a download DVD distribution platform for
integration on content owner’s web sites, provided by ACE
GmbH, Germany. FlickRocket is used by small- to medium-sized
content owners for distributing their content directly from
their web site to a worldwide audience. FlickRocket includes
a Content Delivery Network, Payment Solution, optional DRM,
copy protection for DVD, download-to-burn and can be
completely customized to fit the design of existing web
sites. More information is available at

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