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Terminal Services
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POMPANO BEACH, Fla., May 14, 2009 – Net2Printer, Inc.
(, which specializes in printing
software solutions, has just released its newest version of
the company’s driver-free printing solution. This latest
software, Net2Printer RDP 1.14, is designed specifically for
businesses of all sizes and scopes that use a terminal
services environment. Net2Printer RDP enables users to print
from a terminal server, whether it’s a single server or a
server farm. Printing is then possible from any remote
location, without the need for drivers to be loaded on the
servers. The driver-free solution eliminates the common
headaches associated with native printing, making
trouble-free printing both easy and possible for all.

“Driver-free printing for terminal server users was really
cost efficient for just larger corporations, but Net2Printer
RDP pricing structure provides this solution to not only big
companies but also to SOHOs and SMBs,” says Chris Upton,
Net2Printer’s Vice President of Technology. “Net2Printer RDP
provides all the features of similar software on the market,
but it’s also tailored to meet the needs of smaller groups
of users and is also more affordable. It’s a very versatile,
applicable and easily attainable product all around.”

This latest version of the software from Net2Printer adds
many features and enhancements, and supports both RDP 5.x
and RDP 6.0 protocols, in multiple sessions, and it’s
designed to run on both 32-bit and 64-bit hardware. It’s
applicable with USB, parallel, network and multifunction
devices, including fax software. Once installed, Net2Printer
RDP eliminates the need for all the drivers required by
various printers. Without all the drivers, businesses can
cut down on hardware hassles and the time associated with

“Without Net2Printer RDP, the server administrator must know
what kind of printer every user has and load drivers for
these printers on the server,” Upton says. “However, not all
printers, such as multifunction printers, have drivers for
server operating systems, making remote printing impossible
without our product. Our software eliminates this need for
all these drivers, and the inherent problems that come with

Net2Printer RDP is available in two versions:

— Net2Printer RDP Lite – Allows one local printer to be
mapped on the server per user, per session.

— Net2Printer RDP Full – Maps as many printers as the
remote user selects, has bandwidth control, file transfer
ability, and an e-mail feature to e-mail the print job as a
PDF instead of printing it.

Net2Printer RDP licensing is done on a per-seat or
concurrent-user basis. For server farm environments, the
software is designed to run up to 31 servers with up to
several thousand users. In such cases, licensing is handled
on one server, reducing administration time and simplifying
an otherwise lengthy process.

For more information on Net2Printer RDP, visit:
. For
pricing, visit:

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