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Welcome to the DJK Google Assassin Review. DJK stands for “Day Job Killer” and is owned by Chris McNeeney. It is the third release by Chris after Adwords Miracle and Affiliate Project X.

Google Assassin is essentially a monthly membership site with several tools included. Below you can see the main functions of some of these tools.

The Daddy Keyword Tool

We all know that getting targeted keywords is crucial to the success of your online campaigns and we also know that keyword research is both time consuming and prone to errors. How many times have you got excited by a keyword you have found only to suddenly notice you are searching the wrong Google site or you have mispelled your keyword?

The Daddy Keyword Tool attempts to conduct this keyword research in a fraction of the time and eliminate these errors. It is a very easy tool to use. You enter the keyword you are interested in and the Daddy Keyword tool will extract a list of keywords for you. It then provides for each keyword an estimate of the monthly search volume and the amount of advertiser competition.

Now you can get this data easily from the Google keyword tool, but the power of Google Assassin comes from the fact you can now select several of these available keywords to further analyze. This then presents you with a list of websites and spies on this competition to see what keywords they are targeting.

Based on this you can determine the most profitable keywords to be working on.

The Campaign Kidnap Tool

Google Assassin’s Campaign Kidnap tool is designed for those of us that use adwords for our campaigns. It allows you to spy on the current Adwords campaigns which are running and the keywords that they are using.

To start it running all you do is enter a keyword you are considering using and off it goes.Once again you get a list of keywords back which you can analyze further. This then returns the sites that are running campaigns based on the keywords you select and the profitability of those campaigns. You can literally steal these campaigns and create your own profitable campaigns from them.

The Adwords Micro Nicher Tool

Google Assassin’s Adwords Micro Nicher is again designed for those people who run Google Adwords campaigns. The aim of this tool is to allow you to target relevant web sites using Googles site targeting function.Once again you enter the keywords you are interested in promoting and the tool provides you with a list of relevant web pages. You can check each site if you wish for relevancy, highlight the site you are interested in and export them to a csv file.

The csv file can be imported into you Adwords account to be used in your campaigns.

The Article Sniper Tool

Google Assassin’s Article Sniper tool is no surprise aimed at the article marketer. The aim of the tool is to identify the under utilised keywords which you can use to create successful campaigns based on article marketing.

You enter your keyword and set the tool off. It then provides information on each keyword to allow you to decide on whether starting a bum marketing campaign will be worth your time and effort.

The information provided includes

The keyword.
Estimated Google monhtly search volume.
Number of times the keyword appears at EzineArticles.
Articles listed in Google.
Page rank for the first ten matches in Google
An SEO score.
A rating for the keyword.

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