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St. Louis is a very lucky city right now. Not only do they have High Speed Internet but Charter has begun rolling out their ‘PhatBand’ product.

Only currently available in St. Louis and rolling out to other areas across the US throughout 2009 the Charter PhatBand Ultra60 service is being described as a part of the company’s effort to deliver the fastest internet speeds currently possible to their customers to service growing consumer demands.

It’s true. Consumers are eating up all the Internet they can get and demanding higher and higher speeds. Internet users are downloading, uploading, telecommuting, gaming, streaming, watching, and listening more now than ever before.

The Ultra60 is promising to deliver a completely different experience – I can see this being true. Ultra60 will reportedly deliver 60mbps service, I just ran a speed test and I’m getting just less than 6mbps. Hmm wow.

Hopefully other ISPs will take a leaf out of Charters book and, instead of providing just and Internet Connection they’ll think about their customers and their customers’ needs and provide the best internet connection.

I am very, very jealous. I don’t quite know what I’d do with 60mbps but I sure would have a whole lot of fun finding out 🙂

See the Ultra60 Information Page and Charter’s Twitter Feed

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