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With several LCD TV‘s in the stores and a extensive variety to select from, it can be confusing to pick out the suitable LCD for you.

Below are few tips that would assist you decide on the proper pick when choosing your LCD TV:

1). Determine what your budget is and what picture quality you are ready to buy

2). With several brands in the market allowing different specifications, the monetary value can differ greatly. Be certain to discern which room you are acquiring the LCD TV for. The common rule from house to house across the UK is that the finest TV will be fixed in the living room with slimmer LCD TV’s or LCD TV’s with poorer specifications being utilised around the household.

3).Once you settle on what your budget is and where you will be positioning the LCD TV, its time to have a look at the specifications as well as the design and flair. The primary potentials to anticipate in a LCD TV are the picture quality and connectivity. You will take LCD TV’s that come HD ready and Full HD. The difference between the two is the quantity of pixels that are accessible, predominantly 1080p and 720p.

Discrepancy between HD ready and Full HD

The truth is that, a 1080p LCD TV will present you the sharpest picture quality purchasable; nevertheless in order to get this picture quality that true HD 1080p can give, you will demand to have the proper gear that can tolerate it. So what is this gear that I am blabbing about? In all honestly, there isn’t a lot of gear in the market that supports 1080p. When blabbing about screen resolution, the typical user doesn’t have the littlest clue what this suggests to them.

The difference between HD and full HD is hardly evident to the typical eye. If you ask me, they both produce superb quality pictures.

To profit from full HD, you will want these 3 things:

  • HD Plasma or LCD
  • Right leads (HDMI-component video)
  • HD Source ( HDTV Tuner, HD Satellite, HD Cable Box, Blu-Ray, HD DVD Player)

The verdict is upto you, Full HD or HD ready?


The connectivity that LCDs allow are also exceptionally important. LCDs tolerate plenty of connections which will grant you to plug in all of your gear to your TV. Connectivity includes HDMI sockets, scart lead sockets, component video and many more. Kindly keep a look out for up and coming articles about connections and connectivity.

4). In general, the majority of LCD TVs allow more than decent roles and the typical user will observe that the majority of the specifications will never get utilised. Still, if you have much gear that will want connecting to the LCD, then obtain one that gives plenty of ways of joining devices up. These are normally witnessed under the connectivity segment of the LCD details.

The LCD TVs that are obtainable at Ravs Appliances provide HD ready, integrated freeview and digital ready functions with more than enough connectivity to tolerate classic to high configurements. Full HD ready models are also obtainable and are noted on the specification sections.

You should first see if it fits you but we recommend you to check out Samsung LN46B650. If you think Samsung LN46B650 is not cheap enough check out other models on our LCD HDTV Reviews portal.

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