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MINNEAPOLIS, May 27, 2009 — The official shutdown of all
full-power analog television stations is now just days away.
Are you ready for June 12th? If you have an older analog TV,
you still have time to order a coupon from the government
and get a converter box before the switch happens. If you
don’t prepare yourself before June 12th, all you may wake up
to is some summertime snow on your TV!

You can apply for up to two $40 coupons at
or by calling 1-888-DTV-2009. Coupons
are sent via first class mail and are typically received
within 9 or 10 days. Be sure to act fast if you have not
already done so. Now is also a great time to check with
neighbors and friends to make sure that they are prepared as
well. If you don’t need your coupons, there are many
opportunities to share or donate them to organizations that
are helping those who are finding this transition to be
difficult. You can check with your local TV stations about
opportunities to donate coupons locally, or you can do it
quickly and easily online at Your
coupon will be used to purchase a converter box at no cost
and an authorized non-profit group will ensure that it gets
into the hands of someone in need.
Still need a converter for yourself? You can go down to your
local store and pick one up, but you can find many good
deals online without even leaving your house. has an Airlink101 ATVC102
converter box for free after coupon, and they include free
shipping! Many people are finding it frustrating that local
retailers aren’t offering the converter boxes for an even
exchange for the coupon, or $40. Buying online at can save you time and money! If
you have a neighbor that is technologically challenged, you
could just as easily order your coupons at
, place an order at
for the free converter box, and then bring it over to them
and help them install it. That simple neighborly gesture is
sure to go a long way in building community and friendship
throughout the neighborhood! But remember to act quickly as
the days to act are steadily passing by.

“Mosquito Productions at” has been an
authorized retailer in the TV coupon program since February
2008 and sells converter boxes online at

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