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Author: Mike Hickmon

If you have decided to build a solar panel, then you might be curious to know what exactly the purpose of a solar cell is. The purpose of a solar cell is to generate electricity through the release of electrons from a solar panel that is subjected to electromagnetic radiation or protons and this in turn stores energy from the sun. When solar cells are joined together into arrays or panels (solar panel) do we really see their true benefit? Delivering mass volumes of energy? The amount of solar panels that you need in order to gain energy depends on how much power that you would like to use, but it is possible to calculate how many solar panels you will need to build in order to power your whole house and it is available online.

Before you begin building your own solar panel, you will first need some items, and for an example here is some of the equipment that you will need:

An acrylite UV stabilized transparent sheet

ABS white sheet

4 Clear extruded acrylic bars

Adhesive glue

Silicone adhesive

2 eight ounce rosin code solders

Schottky barrier diode

5 Solar cell PV tinned interconnection ribbons

36 monocrystalline solar cells

Four position dual row barrier strip

Sixteen #8 insulated ring tongue terminals

Twelve gauge hook up wire black insulator

Twelve gauge hook up wire red insulator

Project enclosure box

Crimping tool

40 watt soldering iron

Once you have all of these items which you can find at various websites on the internet including,, and, then you are almost ready to begin building your very own solar panel. However, before you begin to build a solar panel, there are a few optional items that you may want to use which are: A Multimeter, Temperature heat gun, Ethylene vinyl acetate sheet. Remember, these are optional items so if you do not have them, then don’t worry because you can work without them. Also, depending on what size you are planning on building your solar panel you need to make sure that you get all of the correct measurements for the material that you require, so before beginning to build your solar panel you should measure everything up so that you know that everything will fit.

Now, once you have all of your equipment then you are ready to begin building your very own solar panel so read on to find out how to build a solar panel, good luck!

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