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Author: Mike Hickmon

With rising costs of electricity and the ever growing problems of global warming, you might be thinking about doing something about your individual carbon foot print, and that is where a homemade solar panel can help to reduce your energy costs by around 80% and to be able to do your part for the planet.

A homemade solar panel is something that you can build yourself and even if you aren’t technically minded and are no good with DIY a homemade solar panel is something that you will be able to do and build, and it can cost from as little as $150 made from parts that you can find easily at your local hardware store.

if you are unsure of whether or not you will be able to build a homemade solar panel, but you want to help to save the environment and save money on your utility bills, then there are plenty of solar panel kits available to buy online with step by step guides on how to collect the parts that you will need for your homemade solar panel, full instructions and some kits even come with helpful videos for you to follow a step by step guide so that even the most useless of us with tools can build a successful homemade solar panel!

But why should you bother with a homemade solar panel? Couldn’t you just go out and buy one which is already made up and ready to use? Well, unfortunately, even though solar panels are great for the environment, then are quite expensive and you could end up spending thousands of dollars for a pre made solar panel system for your environmentally friendly efforts. This is where homemade solar panels come in- for a little bit of hard work and a lot of help from the whole family, you can have your own solar panel to power your house- for next to nothing!

If you are interested in creating a homemade solar panel which can save you money and help to runt he appliances in your home, then the first thing you need to do is make sure that you have all of the equipment that you need and you can find a list of parts and places where you can purchase them on the internet- once you have your parts, then you are well on your way to creating your very " target="_blank">own best homemade solar panel!

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