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Author: Anand Kuppuswamy

Celstream’s iPrintApp™ is a revolutionary Mobile Printing application that simplifies the process of printing photos captured on an Apple® iPhone™ or iPod™ Touch device. iPrintApp eliminates the server application required by current iPhone printing applications enabling users to print photos on-the-fly to any printer located on a WiFi network. Users no longer need to go through the cumbersome process of having to transfer images to a computer and then print. Printing photos from the iPhone or iPod Touch is now as easy as making and receiving calls!

Celstream’s iPrintApp also eliminates the need for cabling, USB and Bluetooth drivers, as well as the complexities, incompatibility and non-availability associated with these devices. With a few simple clicks, users can select and print photos from the iPhone or iPod Touch photo gallery, including photos taken directly from the device’s camera or transferred from a Mac or PC-compatible operating system. Celstream’s iPrintApp is compatible with Apple’s OS X platform. Photos are printed directly to any networked printer supporting PostScript™, or USB printers that use Mac SharedQueues, located within their current WiFi network. iPrintApp leverages Apple’s Bonjour technology to automatically detect any compatible printers within the WiFi network.

Some of the key features and benefits offered by Celstream’s iPrintApp include:

  • Ability to print multiple photos on a single sheet.
  • Ability for the user to select up to 12 images per print job.
  • Automatic layout management that rotates images while keeping the image aspect ratio intact for best fit.
  • Print preview function that enables the user to delete or reselect images while using the resize option to zoom or shrink images as desired.
  • Ability for the user to accept an incoming call while using the application. The state of the application is saved so that the user can continue using the application once the call is complete. The same feature is applicable if the "home" button is pressed prior to printing.

Mobile photo printing is expected to grow at a rapid pace with users having the freedom and flexibility to wirelessly print photos captured and/or stored on their iPhone and iPod devices.

Printer manufacturers and Print Service Providers can leverage this trend to increase print sales volumes and attract this new set of customers. Celstream can customize and package the iPrintApp into printers and MFDs to enhance its value and provide end users with new features, experiences and possibilities. Some of these enhancements include:

  1. Adding more imaging features
  2. Customizing the current working of the application to suit your specific needs
  3. Creating a complete package of the application integrated with your current workflow
  4. Creating a comprehensive, easy-to-use, end-user product that has high utility value

More information on iPrintApp can be found at:


Celstream’s iPrintApp™ is available now for download from the Apple App Store for $1.99.

About Celstream Technologies Ltd.

Celstream Technologies is a successful, global Product Engineering Services company with a rich heritage in product co-development partnerships. Celstream offers complete product life-cycle development services and solutions to technology companies in the Print & Publishing, Media & Entertainment and Consumer Electronics industries. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, and with customers across the globe, Celstream combines the best software talent, world-class processes and cutting-edge technology expertise to deliver engineering excellence to customers. More information on the company can be found at

About the Author:

Anand Kuppuswamy – Corporate Manager – Marketing & Strategy As Corporate Manager – Marketing & Strategy, Anand is responsible for defining and implementing plans that drive strategic growth and expansion, and deeper relationship with customers. Anand joined Celstream in 2005 as Business Manager, and was instrumental in winning new customers and made significant contributions in managing early engagements. Prior to joining Celstream, Anand was a Business Manager at Hewlett-Packard and earlier, a Technology Consultant at Verifone. Anand has deep experience in product development and program management involving global, collaborative teams. Anand has also worked with several Fortune 500 and SMB customers assisting them with their product development objectives including offshoring strategy and accelerated time-to-value. Anand holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from BITS Pilani and a Post-graduate Diploma in Management from IIM-Bangalore.

Article Source: – Celstream simplifies Mobile Photo Printing with the iPrintApp™

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