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It goes without saying, every site owner needs to pay attention to keywords and what are the best ones to focus on in their pages and copy that will help drive traffic to them. In addition, now of course when we say keywords one should realize that this encompasses phrases as well. As you may know, there are many great keyword research tools, but we recommend you start with the free tools.

One of the fundamental secrets for you to know is your main niche that you want to build your site around has to center on one specific keyword that you have found that has great numbers. As a matter of fact, you will be building a web site here that is designed to get you as much free traffic from the search engines as possible. As you may know, free organic search engine traffic is great, although it is not the only way you will want to build your site traffic over time.

The other useful thing to add is that each page of your site will be focused on one specific keyword, and no page is more important than your home page. To the best of our knowledge, it has a demand of at least 30,000. If the traffic isn’t there, as far as my personal experience can be taken into account, it’s not worth competing for. Well, if the supply and competition are weak, as far as this issue is concerned, then that means you have a better chance to dominate, and that might work. It is important to know that supply is no more than 2 to 3 times the demand. The fact is the whole idea here is to get into a market quickly and easily. But in case when you are more experienced, then feel free to go after more challenging markets. Remember, you should have a reasonable amount of competition for those search engine rankings compared to demand. By the way, you can tie a lot of other great keywords to it. Don’t be afraid, get creative. The thing is once you have your central keyword, everything else starts falling into place.

An important point is that you should save your results in both text files and spreadsheet format files. That way, according to my experience, you back up and you have different ways of using them. Besides, a spreadsheet version can be used to sort the words based on measure while a text formatted list can be easily cut and pasted into other applications to utilize your keywords. Don’t forget to look for the “long tail” keywords that you can rank well on in short order. By the way, by long tail we have in mind four or five word keyword phrases that have low competition and some traffic. As a matter of fact, these can be real gems for your business building efforts.

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