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(ARA) – In the current economic environment, many people are refocusing their priorities on family and home. Experts say more Americans are creating a home theater experience in their home instead of going out. Perhaps you’re thinking about using your tax refund for a new HDTV. Or maybe you’re getting a new home theater system in time to invite friends over for the summer baseball season or to enjoy this fall’s football games in big-screen style.

But do you know how you’re going to incorporate this new technology into your home decor? LG Techorator Doug Wilson, from TLC‘s "Trading Spaces" and "Moving Up," has some tips to streamline your space and cut out the clutter. Techorating means combining technology and interior design so that a room works as one unified space.

* Recycle the old technology.
You don’t need your old box TV or huge computer monitor anymore, so why not be environmentally responsible, get it out of your house and recycle it? Companies like Waste Management and LG Electronics offer nationwide recycling programs for unwanted electronic products at 150 designated "eCycling Centers" across the country. Visit to find out more about the programs near you.
* Pick a focal point.
Now that the old stuff is gone, find your room’s focal point and work your way out. "In large rooms, make sure you don’t go overboard with one particular theme, pattern or technology," says Wilson. "With just a few integral pieces, the room can be made to feel spacious, yet comfortable."

Remember to streamline by removing unnecessary clutter and installing shelving units or wall-mounting your new HDTV.

* Consider your space.
This is a case where bigger is not always better. Technology needs to fit the space you have; otherwise it can overwhelm a room. While large flat-screen HDTVs are a nice upgrade, they can overpower the room if the screen size is too large for the space. You need other items on the wall to offset the presence of the TV. If you’re still shopping around, take measurements of your wall space along with you to make sure you get the perfect sized technology.

* Practice cord control.
Nothing causes more headaches than trying to hide all the cords behind furniture while still trying to reach the available outlets. "Go wireless," says Wilson. "Many leading technology companies, including LG Electronics, offer wireless speakers and TVs, giving your living space a crisp, modern feel."

* Use digital accents.
Digital photo frames placed throughout the room and house can hold family photos during the regular year, but bring a reminder of your favorite team’s great season when you have everyone over to watch the games. The photos can help get the conversation going, especially if everyone has just met. Plus, this is a decoration you don’t have to clean up — either reprogram the frame or take it on the road to the next game party.

Whether you’re equipping a tiny den, medium-sized bedroom or expansive media room with the latest in consumer electronics, TLC’s Wilson recommends techorating as a way to get the most from your new equipment and your new digital lifestyle. For more techorating ideas, visit

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