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First of all, you have to start communicating on your Website using the terminology that your visitors use. By the way, if you use the right terminology and phrases, not only do they find you, but to use my analogy, you also let them in on the joke! In other case, if you’re using the wrong terminology then you’re leaving your visitor a bit confused, a bit foggy and feeling a bit left out of it all.

When selecting your keywords follow three uncomplicated guides:

Firstly, estimate the traffic potential of the keywords in terms of quantity. It’s not a secret that you want the search engines to drive lots of traffic to your Website. However, as far as my personal experience can be taken into account, that number should never be your first objective quality traffic should be what you’re looking for. Remember, your goal is to optimize your pages for the keywords that bring the highest numbers of prospects. Don’t forget to find the keyword phrases related to your industry that your target market is searching for.

Than gauge the visitor’s intent when using those phrases in their search query. It comes as no surprise that the ideal way is to test the phrase in the search engines you’re going to optimize for. Remember, you need to look for the real reason why people are searching.

And finally, measure traffic potential from those keywords in terms of conversion. You should also remember that the next step is keyword measurement and experimentation. To do this yourself, so far as we know, identify keyword phrases that you think fit well with the first two guidelines above, and then measure the result. In a word, it’s about selecting the keywords straight off relevant to what your audience is looking for.

With SEO being a buzz word of the times every body wants their website to be search engine friendly and up there in the first page rankings, but there are some errors which people are regularly making when trying to optimize their sites that are preventing them from getting the first page listings that they are striving for. The following is a list of 3 SEO don’ts when optimizing your website.

In order to improve the conversion rate of your Website, first find the keywords people are using related to your industry, make sure that the search results from the search words you select are relevant to your industry, and then optimize your site for those phrases. At the end, it’s self-evident that you should measure and test those phrases so that you have the best chance of converting your search engine visitors into customers, clients, or subscribers.

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